Sunday, July 15, 2012

Luke's First Birthday Party Details

Yesterday, July 14th, was Luke's 1st birthday party! We had a pool party at our house and it was so much fun! I started out trying to go with a nautical theme, but I found a banner I loved and switched to bright colors and a beach theme. I had so much fun creating, decorating and getting ready for Luke's big day!

I didn't get as many pictures of the actual party as I would have liked, but I tried to get plenty of photos of the decorations and a few of Luke before the party started. Luke wore the cutest shirt made by Ashley at Pumpkin Butter Kids - he looked so cute! 

I decorated our front porch with an adorable wreath made by my dear friend Leslee at Bienvenue Designs. She is super talented and when I told her my theme and colors, she came up with this perfect wreath. I painted the pots to coordinate. 

When our guests stepped inside, I had a newborn picture of Luke and a picture taken of him recently, along with a blank page of his baby book for all of the guests to sign. I also had wallets of 4 different one-year pictures printed up for our friends and family to take with them. 

Stealing a page out of Erin at Blue Eyed Bride's book,  I had all of Luke's monthly displayed in bucked on our dining room buffet. Next to our buffet, I rearranged our dining table to be against the wall and went at it with the beach theme. I filled beach buckets with different types of chips and dips for the adults and goldfish, popcorn and animal crackers for the kiddos. I also bought pinwheel sticks at the Dollar Tree and made fruit kabobs. Above the food table, I had 3 photos printed at Image on Metal hanging, and a Celebrate! sign made by NatKat Designs. I love that I can use this year after year and for any type of party! On the shelves next to the window, I put pictures of Jon, me and Luke all around our one year birthdays; Jon and Luke look EXACTLY alike!


In our family room, we had a photo slideshow of Luke playing the entire party. It was so sweet and brought back so many sweet memories of the past year. On our TV console, I made small flower arrangements and a display of his photo books (we made one for 1-3 months, 3-6 month and 6-9 months and I'll soon be doing the 9-12).

We put a banner made by SoCuteParties on Etsy on the mantle and a large one over the entrance to our sunroom next to that. 

On the desk in the family room, we had the favors for all of the kiddos. I bought beach buckets at Hobby Lobby, personalized them with each child's name and filled them up with goldfish, sharkies, bubbles, sunglasses, a beach ball and chalk. SoCuteParties also made little tags that said "Thank you for making my 1st birthday party a splash!" I loved making these buckets and thought they were a great favor for all of the kids. 

On the bar, we had 3 drink canisters of sweet tea, unsweet tea and lemon water. We had fun paper straws for the kids and chalk-tags for the cups with different chalk pens so people could write their names on the cups. I hung a burlap banner over the bar.

Outside on the patio, we had a kids' picnic table, a bubble station and our water table set up, along with the large table for the adults to sit in the shade away from the pool. The beer, soda, bottled water and capri suns were also in the coolers in this area. 

The pool area was decorated with more painted pots, paper lanterns, polka dot pillows and banners. My wonderful husband did a great job hanging lanterns the morning of the party. The pool was filled with tons of pool toys and lots of little kids!

We did cupcakes and little ice cream cups to keep things simple. Our cupcakes came from good 'ole Sam's Club. We bought way too many! I put them in cupcake wrappers and then put toppers on them to match his banners, and it was great and much easier than cake. I also got his smash cake at Sam's. He loved it. Luke started out eating so carefully with his fork, then switched to a spoon, and then ditched all that and dug in with his hands!

We had a fantastic time celebrating our sweet baby boy with our friends and family. We are extremely blessed to have such a great support system for Luke with so many people who love him. I immensely enjoyed planning this party for him; it was a labor of love and I can't wait to do it again next year.


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