Sunday, September 14, 2014

Hunter: 7 Months!

Brother bear, another month has flown by. Somehow I say that every month and every month it's true. It's a bittersweet feeling, really. I love watching you grow and discover and learn, but then I see a newborn at the grocery and want to keep you little a little longer. But such is life! You continue to make me smile and laugh and make my heart feel like its bursting out of my chest. You are my snuggle bug and the sweetest little boy that ever did exist. And, Hunter, you are so. much. fun! 

Could it be true? We didn't grace the PAD office with our presence at all this month. Praise be to God! You have been healthier than ever since the swallow study. I still think you have reflux, but that's a conversation I'll have with your pulmonologist next month. Today, you weighed a whopping 23.8 pounds and were 28.5" long. We were eating dinner one night last week when a man stopped at our table, asked how old you were and then said with surprise "I need to be his agent!". We may have a pro athlete on our hands!! 

You're wearing size 3 diapers still, but I think we'll be moving up to a size 4 soon. Your belly is just a little too round for the 3s. You wear 9-12 month clothing and some 12 month. I still have some 9 month things in the drawers but the snaps keep popping around those thighs of yours! 

You are eating lots of food now! You like winter squash, rice and peas, chicken and sweet potatoes, pears, and lots of other things. You like to munch on bananas and mum mums. You give your brother the stare down at dinner time to get some of his food - you want the good stuff now. We're getting there! 

You are completely mobile now. You sit up, roll over, and scoot all over. You're working on crawling, but you're really just scooting right now. You are pretty fast! You can get to where you want to be, grab what you want and then get back to where you were. You're fond of looking at yourself in the glass of the entertainment center and just giggling and entertaining yourself. You can stand up for a period of time now too. It's time to re-baby proof this house! 

You continue to be an excellent sleeper. You're cutting your bottom two teeth, so we've had some crying in the middle of the night, but it's nothing a quick snuggle and some Tylenol can't fix. We usually put you down right after 7:00 each night and you wake up around 6am for a bottle. You'll take another nap or play in your crib until around 7:30am and then you're up for the day. Then, you watch Disney Jr. with brother in our bed or on the couch until it's time for school. It's a great routine for us all. 

This month, you and brother have played so well together. In fact, Luke is loving "helping" you sit up roll over and even "walk". We have to keep our eyes out for him! You like to steal his milk cup in the mornings, and it won't be long before you both are fighting over toys. This past weekend, we got two of the exact same stuffed animals so that you could both have one and there wouldn't be fighting. We're prepping for those days! 

This month was so much fun (to be fair, every month is!). We played, went to parties, out to dinner, activities are back in full swing and were on the go way more than this summer. 

Earlier in August, we drove to Conroe for a weekend at Nana and Papa's house. You were spoiled silly - baths in the sink, pool time and lots of cuddles. Maddie Claire loved playing with you and you loved watching the bigger kids run around. It was a fun and pretty relaxing weekend! 

The next weekend, we had quite a few birthday parties to attend. You tagged along, got passed around and were quite the champ. Pretty soon, we'll be attending parties for your friends too and then our social calendar will be even more packed! We ended the weekend with church and naps for everyone. 

Labor Day weekend, we relaxed, played in the pool, did lots of house work and went to church. We had no plans and it was great - just lots and lots of family time! 

Last weekend, we drove to Austin for the Longhorn game. You and brother stayed with Grandma and Pappy and played while Mommy and Daddy went to the Phi Psi groundbreaking and football game. You both loved spending time with your grandparents and were so worn out from playing you went to bed early! Although our team lost (badly), it was a great weekend in the hill country. 

Brother bear, we love you to the moon and back! I love you to pieces and I am so proud I am your mommy. 

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