Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Luke: 11 Months!

Lukester! You are 11 months old today! You are such a big ball of energy and with each new day, you get spunkier and even more full of life. You have reached so many milestones this month and as I look back, it was such a crazy and exciting time. You are such a good little boy and you surprise me every day. I keep reminding myself that the days are long but the years are short!

I thought we were done with going to the doctor so much, but we've been the past 2 nights due to high fevers. You just have a little virus and it should pass quickly - no ear infections or anything big we need to really worry about - Praise God! Last night, you weighed 25 pounds, 4 ounces. I don't have your official height, but I know you are getting a lot taller since you can reach the higher drawers that just a few weeks ago you couldn't reach. We're working hard to find new places for things to keep little hands off dangerous stuff. Your favorite things are kitchen utensils, computer cords, anything in my office desk, hair dryers and straighteners and toilet paper. Oh how you love to unroll the toilet paper.

Right after your 10 month birthday, we stopped baby food entirely. Now you are eating table food exclusively. You love ritz crackers, peas, pears, apple sauce, grilled chicken, carrots, all kinds of breads, strawberry yogurt, macaroni and cheese and so much more. You still love milk, apple juice and ice cold water in between your meals, and your favorite snacks are goldfish and cheerios. And apparently, thanks to your Nana, you love popsicles too!

Since you started walking last month, you've taken off and can now run anywhere you want to go. You walk and run everywhere and you never crawl anymore. Once you knew you could get where you wanted to go using just your legs, you took off and never looked back. Mommy and Daddy are trying hard to keep up with you!

You started the summer session at Emler a couple of weeks ago. You do not like swim lessons and even though I thought switching teachers might help (we love Ms. Amber, but you got scared seeing her because you knew she was going to make you go under the water!), it really didn't. Mommy was sick last week and didn't go and we aren't going tonight, so maybe a couple weeks off will help take that anxiety away. Even though you don't like swim lessons, you LOVE being in the water. You love going in the pool in our backyard and you love the splash pad at the country club. We've been up there lots already this summer because it's so fun for you. 

This past month has been a whirlwind of activities and events! You stayed with a babysitter for the first time (other than a family member or friend) and you did great. We are so thankful that Stephanie will be watching you some so that we can go out at night! On Memorial Day weekend, we had a relaxing weekend - we hung out at the country club pool and splash pad almost every day, had picnics in the front yard and had a big barbeque with friends at our house. Your Aunt Jenn and Uncle Jimmy even stopped by for a few hours!  I even did a little cleaning out of your closet and found a darling sports coat you never got to wear.  You loved every minute of the 3 day weekend! 

 In early June, we drove to Houston so that Daddy could be in our friends Chad and Molly's wedding. We had lots of fun catching up with old friends and you had a great time playing at Nana and Papa's house. You went to the pool, played in the backyard sprinklers, had a picnic under the trees, saw Maddie Claire, Aunt Emily and Uncle Adam and just had a great time.

The weekend after Houston, all the Gillens and Nana and Papa came to Dallas. Macy and Maddie Claire stayed at our house with Nana and Papa so that Mommy and Daddy, Aunt Emily and Uncle Adam and the Gillens could go to the Brothers of the Sun tour with Kenny and Tim! You were so fascinated with Macy, and you wore yourself ragged playing with Maddie Claire. That Sunday you slept so good!

This past week, Nana came to visit to help Mommy with your one year pictures and keep you while we went out for our 5 year anniversary. You said Nana for the first time and now you won't quit saying it. You were so grumpy during your pictures - I hope we got some good ones. Nana gave you one of your birthday presents a little early; you love your new pirate water table and had the best time Sunday morning splashing and squirting and figuring it all out. We had a great time having her visit and miss her already!

Today you got your very first haircut. Daddy and I both thought your hair was starting to look a little shaggy, so I took you to Stride Rite to get your hair cut at the kid's salon. You didn't like me sitting you down in the chair (you had just woken up from a long nap in the car), so you sat on my lap and hugged my neck and watched cartoons while the sweet hair stylist Lesley quickly cut your hair. She saved all of it and you got a certificate. It's a cute little place and I'm sure we'll be back many times! 

Luke, you bring so much joy to my life and my heart feels like it's bursting when you give me sweet hugs and kisses or say Mama (even though Dada is your favorite word). You are the sweetest, most loving little kid and I still cannot believe I get the pleasure of being your mama. I love you, baby boy!

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