Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Luke: 23 Months!

Lukey! I can't believe in 30 days, I'll be writing a blog entry about how you are 2 years old! Just yesterday, I was writing about how many bottles you drank and how many hours you slept, and now I'm writing about all the fun things you do and say and how much you make us laugh every day. 
It's insane to think about how quickly you are growing up.

Every time I turn around, you've grown another inch. You still weigh about 33 pounds, but you are solid. We were eating the other day and the waitress asked if you were 3 or 4. Gone are the days of looking like a baby - you are a growing kid now. It's ok to stay little, my sweet son. 

You're speaking sentences now and repeating everything we say. Just tonight, you kept telling me that daddy had gone golfing with his friends. Come again? We've been brain-questing, reading 100 Words over and over, and letting you "read" to us. I think your favorite words are still milky (milk),  nack (snack), pool, golf and outside. You are a kid who knows what you want and will speak up for it! 

You've been so good about sleeping in your toddler bed, but when you wake up, you're up. You don't want to sit in bed or play in your room. Usually we lock you in for your own safety, but when we leave the door unlocked, we can hear your little feet running down the hall, the door opens, and we hear your sweet little voice say "Hi! Milky!". This weekend we heard those feet at 3:30am. Needless to say, that's not normal and we all needed long naps the next day. 


You've really started vocalizing how much you love church and Jesus. We tell you Bible stories, we talk about Jesus, you and Daddy pray every night together and we love to sing songs about Jesus. A couple of Sundays ago, we told you it was time to leave for church and you just ran off and disappeared. A few seconds later, you ran into the kitchen with a bible from my nightstand. It makes me so happy that you are loving the Bible and your Savior at such an early age! 

It's summertime around here! After school, we go to the pool, we play outside, get ice cream and sometimes, we do all three. You started Advanced Waterbabies this month, which means you are in the pool all by yourself now! I don't get in the water with you anymore, and while I think you are being very brave, I know this summer's lessons are a big transition. As much as you love swimming and going under and jumping off the side, you do not like the teachers in the purple shirts and would much rather just go to the pool with your mommy and daddy. 
We'll get there though - you're doing great! 

This month, as always, was packed full of barbeques, road trips, birthday parties and the like.

On Memorial Day weekend, we went to Nana and Papa's new house in Conroe. We swam, played, went to Kyle's birthday party and had a great time. We came back around nap time Sunday and then woke up early Monday to go to the Club to celebrate the holiday with our friends. You played and swam and ate ice cream and popsicles and had the best time. 

The next weekend, we drove to Austin to watch your Aunt Lily graduate from high school. We got to stay a night with your Grandma and Pappy, play with Bonnie and spend time with them. Then we met up with your cousins, great grandparents, Grandpa and Lily for dinner before graduation. You sat so still during the graduation and had a great time watching the band and looking for Lily on the field. Once it got to be around 8:30, I took you to the car to go to sleep and Daddy stayed to watch the rest. I drove through to get you milk and you asked for fries; when I turned around to see how you were enjoying them, you had passed out with your hands in the bag. I couldn't stop laughing - you must have been exhausted! The next day, we went to Marquis' 30th birthday. You played, ate smores and chased their puppy. It was so much fun! 

Earlier in June, we went to Rachel McConnell's birthday party at the club pool and you had so much fun swimming with your friends and eating cupcakes. It was the cutest party and Rachel is such a sweet friend of yours. The rest of the weekend, we got to relax, and just spend time as a family. It was a wonderful weekend!

Last weekend, Nana and Papa came up for the weekend. We golfed, went swimming at the Club, swam in the backyard, went out to eat, and shopped a little. You had so much fun and have been talking about going to their house at the end of the month.

This coming month will be busy and bittersweet. We are prepping for a big 2nd birthday celebration, which we are so excited about, but we aren't ready for you to be a big kid just yet. I love, love, love my sweet baby boy who says "hold you, mommy!" and cuddles with me while we sing "rock baby", and giggles when I walk into the room and gives me huge kisses when I ask. I can't wait to see what the coming months hold, but I wish time would take it's sweet time. I want to savor and cherish every single moment with you, my sweet, sweet boy. Your daddy and I are thrilled God chose US to be your parents. We could not have asked for a better little boy! 
We love you thisssssssssssss much, buddy!

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