Friday, August 19, 2011

Luke: One Month

Luke, you are a month old now! You’re growing and changing so fast – slow down!
This morning at your one month wellness check, you weighed 10 pounds and 8 ounces. You are in the 90% range for weight. You are 22.5 inches long which is in the 90% range. Your head is in the 50% range.

You are such a sweet and happy baby. You are like a little old man – you only fuss when you are hungry, dirty, or need to be burped, and then when all the conditions are right, you just are as content as can be. You can’t stand to have a dirty diaper, and you don’t hesitate to let us know about it the minute you need to be changed!

You are still in a few NB clothes but mostly 0-3 month things. You are in a NB size diaper and we can’t move to a 1 yet because your legs and bootie are still so small!

You sleep so well for us at night. We have our bedtime routine around 8:45 or 9 each night and you are very used to that and go straight down. Daddy usually gets home from work around 8pm, you play with him for a little while or watch football with him, then we have bath time and Daddy feeds you one last bottle. Daddy rocks you to sleep and you’re out like a light. You’re so good for Mommy during those night time feedings and go straight back to sleep after your bottle and a diaper change. This week you have been sleeping until 4am or later (thanks to Moms on Call!) – it’s awesome! You are a loud sleeper and Mommy wasn’t getting much rest at first, so we moved your bassinet into your room and you sleep in there every night. We put you in your crib for naps, but you prefer your bassinet/nap nanny at night. We’ll be moving you to the crib soon, but for now, the bassinet works just fine.

Mommy is so strict about keeping you on a schedule. You eat every 3 hours (9am, 12noon, 3pm, 6pm, etc.). We try to keep you awake after feeding you, but you aren't very interested in eat/play/sleep yet. You do it sometimes, but most of the time you prefer the eat/sleep cycle. You are very good at putting yourself to sleep, especially when swaddled. You hate us swaddling you, but once it’s done, you are happy as a clam. Daddy feels bad for you because he thinks you hate it, so when he’s home, he swaddles you with your arms out. Mommy hates this, but whatever works makes us happy.

When you are awake, you like to stare at the fans in the house. You also love your bouncy seat and listening to Einstein baby radio on mommy’s phone. You LOVE watching the Praise Baby DVD; it calms you down so much. We also sing lots of songs during the day – you love Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, Itsy Bitsy Spider and any other song Mommy can think of. We sing “Count Your Many Blessings” daily too! You like going on your daily walk with Mommy each morning, but it’s so hot that we have to limit our time outdoors. You don’t love tummy time. Sometimes you’re so good during it, and other times, you scream and scooch off the mat. We are impressed you can scooch that far so early in your life.

You love to ride in the car. You are hardly ever fussy while in there and normally fall asleep. We’ve had a couple of times when you’ve screamed relentlessly, but once I stop and change you and give you a paci, you go straight back to sleep.

You are quite popular amongst our friends and family – they can’t get enough of you. We’ve had lots of friends stop by – the Szalays, the Pinkstons, Aunt Chelsea, Taryn, Caroline, Michael, Jason and many more! A lot of our family has come to see you and you’ll be traveling soon to meet all your cousins and aunts and uncles on both sides of our family. Your Nana got to stay with you for over 2 weeks when you were first born – you loved hanging out with her and we were so sad to see her go.
You love to Skype! You’ve skyped with Nana and Papa several times in the evenings and they love watching you grow. Nana sings you her “duck song” and we all sing with her when she gets to the “he ruled the others with his quack, quack, quack” part. This week, you skyped with Auntie Em, Uncle Adam and Maddie Claire. We got to watch Maddie Claire crawl for the first time… and she blew you kisses.
You have been such a good boy (almost) everywhere we have taken you. Since you’ve been born, we’ve been to Target several times, the Galleria, Babies ‘R Us, the grocery store, the bank, the country club, and lots of different places to eat. We always feed you and change you right before we leave the house and that gives us almost 3 solid hours of go time before you get hungry/fussy again.
Luke, your daddy and I love you so very much. We are so blessed to call you ours! I pray for you every night that you’ll continue to be healthy and happy and grow up loving life and loving the Lord. We have never been more proud of anything in our lives. Although isn’t always easy adjusting to this new normal, we wouldn't change a thing. For me, this has been both the hardest and best month of my life. I can’t wait to see what your second month of life brings – we love you, sweet boy!

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