Monday, August 20, 2012

Luke: Entering Your Toddler Years: 13 Months!

Luke, you are no longer my little baby boy... you are such a big boy now full of life and energy. You are entering the toddler years with a bang, and definitely keeping both me and your daddy on our toes! You have the sweetest spirit, and you melt my heart every day!

At your one-year checkup on the 20th, you got 5 shots and the nasty finger prick, but you handled it like a champ. After a few tears and screaming out for mama a time or two, you were all smiles and back to flirting with the nurses. At one year, you were 26 pounds and 12 ounces, 31 inches long and your head was 19 inches round. You are still in the top percentiles, and I think it's funny that you are already half as tall as me. Won't be long until you pass me up! 

This month, you also went to visit the dentist. You had so much fun sitting up in the chair and flirting with the hygienist. While Mommy talked to the dentist about your teeth and the upcoming years, you walked around with her and met all the ladies in the office. They gave you a few toys and a new toothbrush and we were on our way. It was a great first experience, and we love that you love brushing your teeth. 

You are one little ball of energy at all times. You run, jump, climb and get into everything. From the time you wake up to the time your head hits the pillow at night, you are non-stop. You climb onto the television hutch, get into drawers and dump everything out, play in the toilet, open the back doors (we've since put on security locks), and just play and play and play. You love to be outside running and playing, and your favorite toys are your sports balls, dump trucks and a wooden spoon and mixing bowl. 

While you are playing, you babble and scream and giggle and make your presence very known. At school, they have started calling you Tarzan because you climb to the top of the playground playscape and scream out as loud as you can until enough people are watching you, and then you go down the slide, giggling the whole time. You still talk to mama a lot, and you now grab our phones and hold them up to your ear and talk and say hi and bye. You added outside (outs) and up to your vocabulary this month and you say both over and over again until you get your way :)

You've been drinking whole milk for a month now, and it was a great transition. You still eat wonderfully and you eat plenty. You love fruits and veggies and prefer those over meat, but you love hotdogs and grilled chicken and will eat those when we give them to you. We've popped a lot of popcorn this month since it's your favorite thing, and you are always asking for ice and ice cream for snack time. You also started using your spoon on your own - last night you made quite the mess with your macaroni and cheese, but you made it happen.

Your favorite activities this month have been playing with your golf clubs, playing catch, taking all the books off of your bookshelf, climbing, playing outside and playing with your grill and cooking. You have become very attached to your Bevo and won't do anything or go anywhere without him. We say bye-bye to him when we get to school and then he is there waiting for you when I pick you up. You always remember where he is and can't go long without him. 

You have done so well in the toddler room at school this month. You take about a 2.5 hour nap each day on your napmat, play outside, do lots of art for us, sing songs, play with friends, and love on your teachers.  You are beginning to learn colors and numbers in both English and Spanish, and you have a great time each day. We are still so thankful for a wonderful school close to our house where you thrive. We love that you love going to school! 

(thanks Aunt Becca and Uncle Justin for my doctor costume - I love it!) 

This summer has flown by and you had so much going on this month! The weekend after your birthday party, we stayed at home and went to the park and played. We had a very relaxing weekend that was much needed after your crazy party weekend. 

The last weekend in July, we drove to Waco for Jordyn's 3rd birthday party at build-a-bear. You loved it and had so much fun playing with all the hearts that go inside the bears. You got to run around and see your cousins and made the cutest little surfer bear. 

After her birthday, you and I drove from Waco to Sugar Land to spend the week at Nana and Papa's house. Maddie Claire was there for a couple of days too, so you had your partner in crime to play with. We did lots of fun things - we went to the circus, went swimming, went shopping and out to dinner and we went to see Great PawPaw. You were so great all week and we were both sad to leave! 

When we got back from Houston, Grandma came to visit for a couple of days. You had so much fun seeing her and playing. The last two weekends, we've gotten to stay home and relax and enjoy summer time. Because of the West Nile outbreak, we haven't really gotten in the pool much, but we still spray you down and let you run around occasionally. At night, you've been cuddling up in your new rocking chair watching lots of football with daddy. Last Saturday, your new babysitter came to play and you loved her. You got to run around and dump out all the books from the shelf and eat popcorn and just be a crazy little boy while mama and daddy had a date night. 

I know I say this every month, but each month with you gets better and better. You are definitely my favorite kiddo in the whole wide world, and you crack me up every day with how smart and precocious you are. Raising a little boy is still a brand-new ballgame for me, but I am cherishing being a boy mom, and especially being your mom.  I love you, sweet boy.

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