Friday, October 19, 2012

Luke: 15 Months!

Luke! It feels like yesterday I was writing the 14 month post. Time needs to slow down! You are at such a fun age these days and you keep us constantly laughing. We are amazed at how smart you are, how funny you are and how sweet you are. You are turning into quite the little boy, full of personality! 

We had your ENT checkup this past month. We were there quite a long time because we had to do your audiology tests and see the doctor. Mommy forgot to bring your bag of toys into the waiting room, so you were running around and bouncing off the walls. You also scaled the couch to watch the construction outside - I was that mom who took a picture before making you get down. All was perfect with your hearing and tubes, and we even got medicine to get your bad, bad allergies under control. Praise God! We have your 15 month appointment next week, so we'll have full stats then.

You are getting really into your activities these days. You love Sunday School, Wednesday night church, and swim lessons, finally (they all give you food or candy, go figure!). The teachers in your Sunday school class are wonderful, and they tell us every Sunday that you are always so happy and you LOVE to climb. Ms. Deb even said that you've been climbing at school too. You have no fear. One of my favorite days of the week is Wednesday, when I pick you up early from school and take you to dinner just the 2 of us. Most of the time, we go to the grill at the club because no one is there at 4:30pm, and we just "talk" and play and color and it's our special time. After church when I pick you up, you're usually tired and quite cuddly and it's so sweet.

After school these days, we come home and you eat an early dinner, get a bath, and then you and I play and cook mommy and daddy's dinner and watch Wheel of Fortune. You love Wheel and are so enthralled by the wheel. You get so into it and clap when they solve. When we aren't driving dump trucks in circles around the house, you are usually on your bike, singing and climbing - you love to stand on the seat and dance. When daddy gets home from work, we eat dinner as a family (you have an after dinner snack) and you get a good hour or so of playtime before daddy tucks you in.

You don't have a lot of new words this month, but you say "dis dis" and point to the things you want. You also say " I wub wu" when we say "I love you" to you. You still say mama and daddy and vroom vroom and bye-bye and hi and "chess" (yes), no no, and a handful of other words. Your favorite word is PopPop, which is popcorn. You usually go to the pantry grab a bag, bring it to me and say "POPPOP POPPOP!" 

This month was so much fun. We love fall and have gotten a few days of cooler weather. You've gotten to see family, hang out with your friends and do so much outdoors. It's so wonderful and it's good for your soul. 

A few weekends ago, Maddie Claire, Aunt Emily, Uncle Adam, Nana and Papa came to visit. It rained and rained and rained, so we stayed inside most of the day. You and MC spent a good part of the morning painting and you both made masterpieces. Maddie Claire loves her "wuuuuke" and she runs around the house yelling your name and trying to give you hugs. The love you two have for each other is so precious and you both just light up when the other is around. 

Earlier this month, we went to the pumpkin patch with Uncle Brad, Aunt Am and Brooks. It was so, so cold, but you were so excited and loved it so much. You rode the train, went on a hayride, ran around the pumpkin patch and jumped in the bounce house. You had your very own Fletcher's corn dog and were in heaven.  

 Other than those couple of events, we've had relaxing weekends filled with football, long naps, church and lots of playtime. It's been really fun to be home, no place to go, spending our days as a family doing whatever we feel like doing.

Buddy- I am convinced God blessed me and your daddy with the BEST little boy in the whole world. You are the sweetest, cutest, kindest, funniest little boy I know and I am so glad I get to be your mama. Every day with you is so much fun and each day is better than the last. I love you, baby, and I'm so glad you are mine!

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