Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hunter: 4 Months!

Hunter - you are 4 months old today. I cannot believe it's been 4 short months since you've made your arrival. You fit perfectly into our family and I just can't imagine life without your smily little face. I love you so, so much and so does your daddy. Your big brother is enamored with you and he doesn't like to be away from you at all. Y'all have the sweetest relationship! This month was a fun one - I treasure every sweet memory we are making together! 

We went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago for a cold (I'm a little paranoid after your stint in the hospital!), and you weighed 17.5 pounds. Unofficially, you weighed 18.2 pounds today. I couldn't get you to lay still for a good length measurement Your 4 month well check isn't until Friday, but I believe you'll be back in the top percentiles. You are a (super cute) chunky monkey! 

You are still in size 2 diapers, but we'll be moving you up to a 3 very soon. You wear 3-6 month, 6 month and some 9 month clothing. Your legs have plenty of chunk on them (the best!), so I have a hard time buttoning many of your little rompers. Because of the season difference between you and your brother's birthdays, I've gotten to buy a few new baby boy things for you - summer things are the cutest! 

You are sleeping so well. We start your bedtime routine between 7 and 7:15, depending on what time we get home from our activities each night. You take a bath with Luke and you love it. You kick your legs and laugh and are so happy during bath time. Once we get you out and dressed, you drink between 6-7 ounces and go immediately down for the evening around 7:45-8. We don't swaddle you anymore, and that's going great! You seem to be getting tired earlier in the evening, so we are going to be moving the routine up by about 30 minutes starting this month. You usually sleep until about 6 or 6:30am, take a 6 oz. bottle and then go back to sleep until I wake you up to go to school. I'll take it! 

You began to roll over this month. It's mostly from tummy to back, but I heard you crying one day during nap and then you stopped, and when I came in to check on you, you were laying on your tummy sucking your thumb. You definitely love your fingers and you are our thumb sucker. You love grabbing toys and trying to put them in your mouth. You are always grabbing my hair too, which can be quite painful. You laugh and giggle and coo all the time; you are the happiest little boy. 

You have done so well in school. You are on a schedule and I haven't gotten a bad report yet. I'm so thankful for your sweet teachers. Luke goes in to check on you as much as he can, and the other babies in your class are as sweet as can be. I feel so blessed that you and Luke have had the same infant teachers and they know us and love you and Luke so much. 

As always, this month was packed with fun activities. Our family just doesn't do well sitting at home and we are always on the go. You are so laid back and have no problems being carried from place to place. I am so thankful for that and your easy going personality. 

On Mother's Day (exactly a month ago), we went to church, lunch at the country club with the Pinkstons and to our annual crawfish boil with friends. We were outside most of the afternoon and it was so hot, so we stripped you down to your diaper and you got passed around and loved on all day. 

The next weekend, we drove to Austin so that we could go to a wedding. You stayed with Grandma and Pappy and had so much fun. 

On the 23rd, the pools opened at the Club. You and your brother went to aftercare with a bunch of your friends Friday night, while mommy and daddy had a date night and went to the luau. Saturday, we went to the pool while daddy hit golf balls and then took long naps. Sunday, you and Luke both got sick and we had to cancel all of our weekend plans. You both spent the following week at home sick! Nana came up to help us and you got lots of cuddles. 

That weekend, we went to a pool party at daddy's bosses house. You were so good and laughed and giggled most of the night. Everyone always comments that you are the happiest, cutest baby and it's just so true! The next morning, we went to church and you slept the entire time we were there (4 hours!). They put you in a swing and you were out cold the entire time - you didn't even wake up for a bottle. I think you were going through a growth spurt. 

Last weekend, we drove to San Antonio for Aunt Emily's best friend's wedding. We spent 2 days by the pool, relaxing, spending time with family and having lots of fun. Saturday night, we went to the wedding (you and Luke's first). You both were so good and quiet, and we were relieved and proud at how well you both did. You wore an outfit from the bride's mother and looked so handsome. 

On Sunday, on our way back, we stopped in Austin for the annual Dorsey crawfish boil and Grannie and PawPaw Dorsey's house. We swam, ate yummy crawfish and saw family, and you - of course - slept and got passed around. It was your first time to meet a lot of that side of the family, and it was so fun to show you off. 

This week, we've gotten back into our normal routine of swim lessons, gymnastics, pool parties, care group, etc. etc. As I mentioned before, you just go with the flow. Hunter, I couldn't love you more if I tried. I thank God every single day for you and the amount of joy you've brought to my life. You are an amazing baby with the best smile and I love you to pieces. I am so glad God chose me to be your mom. 

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