Monday, September 24, 2012

Luke: 14 Fabulous Months!

Hey sweet boy - we've been so busy that Mommy is a few days late posting about your exciting 14th month. Better late than never, though! This month has been busy, busy, and you have been such a little trooper throughout all of our trips and activities and such. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you! 

No doctor appointments this month. Perhaps we are past that stage? You were healthy all month and, with the exception of teething, fussed very little and felt just great. You've gotten a couple of cuspids and a molar or two are starting to come through, so the drooling and the pain is in full effect. Your new thing is getting on mommy and daddy's scale and weighing yourself. You are a solid 27 pounds. I know you are getting taller because things that were once out of reach are now fair game for you. I'm having to get creative about where to put things. You've even gotten into your Christmas gifts a time or two. Uh oh!

This month, you have taken off running. When you walk, you like to swing your arms and make a vroom vroom sound like a car. You'd rather walk than be held, so we make sure to arrive extra early at church and other places where the hallways are long and there are lots of distractions. On Wednesday nights, we always stop to look at the fishies and play with the bunny next your classroom. You just think you are such big stuff. You moved up at church to the 1 year old class, and you are enjoying all the new big kid toys and getting to have snack time and go to the playground. You are growing up before our eyes!

You've also really taken to your stuffed animals and won't go anywhere without 1 (or 3) in the car. You must have Bevo at all times (except school), especially at night and at naptime. This month, mommy and daddy forgot him a couple places and had to make a special trip to get him so that you could rest easily. You are still really into kitchen utensils and "cooking" and still love your dump trucks and musical instruments. 

You are still a very big eater and never ever turn down food. You have milk at breakfast, lunch and dinner, have 2-3 snacks a day and eat a big lunch and dinner. You don't like breakfast, and if we ask you to eat before 10am, you only want yogurt and/or cheerios. You turned down pancakes the other day, but thanks to your Nana and Papa, wanted lots and lots of bacon. You still are a big fruit and veggie eater, are fickle about meat, and cannot get enough yogurt melts and popcorn ("pop pop"). 
You are so interested in how everything works and how it's made, and you love us to hold you up to the microwave so you can see what's cooking. It's not unusual to find you with your nose pressed up against the over watching rolls bake or lasagna bubble. In the first picture below, you were loving the salmon we made!

You are still doing excellent in school. In the past couple of weeks, you've learned how to say the letter F, the color red and what sound cars make. You bring home art every day and you are in love with your wonderful teachers. You love school and squeal everyday when we pull up. You have lots of friends and you are excelling and we couldn't be happier knowing you are somewhere you love and feel safe. 

This August/September has been crazy packed and you've rolled with all the punches and been such a well-behaved little man. Late last month, we went to Austin for a few days at Barton Creek. You got to swim, go to the Co-Op with mom, walk down the Drag and run around the resort. That Friday night, we took you out to Grandma and Pappy's house to stay since we had a wedding to go to. You played all weekend with the puppy, spent lots of time hanging out with your grandparents and climbing their stairs, and you had a wonderful time. 


On Labor Day weekend, Nana and Papa came to visit. We got your hair cut, went shopping, played, ate yummy food, went up to the country club and got lots of rest. You and your Papa have such a special bond and you really love when he comes to play.

 The next Saturday, we went to the Szalay's couple shower and took you with us. You have such a good time being around mommy and daddy's college friends and were such a ham. You stayed up as late as you could, but within 30 seconds of us strapping you into your car seat, you were out. We can't wait for Mallory and Daniel's little girl to arrive - I know you two will be great friends! We also got to go jogging and to the park, and of course, we watched lots and lots of football! 

Finally, last weekend, you went to stay with Nana and Papa for 4 whole days by yourself. You were so spoiled and are definitely king of that castle when you are there! You get to play outside, swing, eat whatever you want, get lots and lots of cuddles, see Maddie Claire and the rest of the family, take long naps in the big bed, and just be a crazy little boy with very little rules. I've been told you are well behaved, you mind and you are so sweet. Melts my heart! I hope that continues as you get older! 

This month has flown by, as they all do. You make each day such a joy. You are incredibly special to us, and we love you more with each passing day!

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