Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Luke: 20 Months!

Luke, Another month has flown by and we are on the home stretch to you turning two. TWO! Where did all the time go?  You have been quite the little boy lately - running, climbing, scaling, jumping and getting dirty. It's all so fun to watch and I love seeing life through your little eyes. These are truly, truly the best months!

I think you weigh about 32 pounds, based on our home scale.We saw Dr. McClard once this month for a virus you had, but it was super short, and if your eyes hadn't been watering constantly, we might not have even known you were getting sick. You're growing every day - I had to buy 3T clothes the other day! 

You talk constantly. Yesterday, I got you to say Luke! Sounds like "Yuke" but it was so exciting to hear you finally say it. Some of your new words this month include animal, towel, bath, pizza, cookie, chips, drive, and movie. You can say all of the kids' names in your class. Even when we can't quite understand what you're saying, we love hearing your babble and conversations.

It's a recurring theme every month, but you'll eat just about anything and you would eat all day if we let you. You love cheese now and will eat multiple slices of it. You love peanut butter ritz bitz, pears, peas, grapes, turkey and cheese, and lots of other foods. Daddy introduced you to Doritos last weekend and you are hooked. We still pray before every meal and every snack, which warms my heart. I know the Lord will bless those prayers! 

Swim lessons and school are still our regular activities, and you love the routine. We wake up, drink milk, play a little while mommy and daddy get ready and then head off to school. You get so excited to see Ms. Kim each morning; she lets you play in her office and be her helper and you adore her. At the PTA meeting this month, you got to come in and you sat in her lap instead of Mommy's. I'm glad you love school and your teachers! You're doing well in swim lessons, although you strongly dislike any teacher who makes you go under the water. You're still doing great and going 10 seconds under the water. You can walk along the wall with your hands unassisted. I can't wait for this summer!

Because of daylight savings time, we've had more time to play outside after school. You love to "drive" when we get home and it's often a struggle to get you out of the car. You love to sweep up the leaves outside, play with chalk, go to the park and help clean the pool. We've been eating at the country club and playing on the greens after dinner - it's just about your favorite thing to do. 

As you get closer to turning 2, you are getting more willful and you have a mind of your own. You are so good at minding most of the time, but when you don't listen to us, you've had to go to timeout. You just hate it, but you do sit there until I come back to get you. You always give me a big hug when I get you and we talk a little about why you were there and how we need to obey. It's bittersweet and heartbreaking, but so necessary. 

You've begun doing little chores around the house with Mommy and you are so helpful. You will help empty the trash, put the laundry in the dryer, you'll dust when I give you a rag, and your favorite chore is sweeping and vacuuming. You still like to unfold the laundry, but that's ok - I think that's every kid's favorite activity. 

This month, we've had a lot of weekend activities and small road trips. You've been such a trooper with the long car rides and changes of scenery. But, truth be told, weekends at home with nothing to do are the BEST!

The last weekend in February, Mommy went out of town, so you and Daddy headed to Austin to visit Grandma and Pappy. You played outside with Bonnie, helped Uncle Mark outside, baked cookies with Makenna and Grandma and had a blast.

A couple of weekends ago, Brian and Liz came over for dinner. You got to play basketball with Brian, flirt with Liz and just generally show off. You get so scared when the doorbell rings thinking it might be a babysitter (you hate when Mommy and Daddy leave!), but you get so tickled when you realize we are having people over to visit. 

I took you to see the bunnies at NorthPark this month, too! You loved seeing them from afar and saying "bunny" over and over, but you really wanted nothing to do with them up close. We ended up taking your Easter pictures without the bunnies this year, but I think they turned out so adorable! 

Last week was Spring Break, and Mommy and Daddy went to Napa. You got to go to Houston to visit Maddie Claire, Aunt Emily ("Emmie"), Uncle Adam ("Uncle Amen"), Nana, Papa and Kyle (Cooowle). Y'all played outside, went to the zoo, watched movies and had a ton of fun. You were excited to see us come home, but you've been asking for Nana and Papa continuously since then. 

We love every single minute with you, buddy. I love playing with trucks and balls and tools and other "boy" things, I love cuddling on the couch with you at night as you wind down from an exhausting day, I love hearing "Mommy!" each morning as you wake up, and I love you! You are the best little boy and you bring me more joy than I could ever have imagined. I hope you'll always feel an absolute unconditional love from me and Daddy and know without a shadow of a doubt that we are your biggest fans.

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