Monday, February 15, 2010

CrAzY Day

Hello Blog World. Happy Late Valentine's Day. I spent yesterday teaching Sunday School, packing, running (my first ever 5k is in 3 weeks!!!!), and just generally being productive. Jon and I went out on Saturday for a fancy dinner at a steak house in Dallas we hadn't been to yet; it wasn't bad. But as a lover of all things Prime Rib, the place didn't even compare to my favorite, Houstons. I just wish so badly they would take reservations... anyone with me on this?!?

So, I need to tell you all about the crazy day I had today! I got up super early this morning to head to DC for work. Going from one snowy place to another is so much fun, letmetellya. Well, I sat down in my first class seat (thanks Jon!) and Wolf Blitzer sits down right beside me. The closest I've gotten to a celebrity on a plane was Flava Flav 5 rows ahead of me on a flight to Vegas a couple years back. side note: his clock necklace was a tad ridiculous. BUT, here's the thing: I have a really big thing about meeting celebrities and not making them feel like they are that important. I mean, hello!, it's Wolf Blitzer, but I just feel like if everyone is the world is like, "hey, are you Wolf Blitzer?", the man's gonna get a huge ego. PLUS, he was really quiet and slept the whole flight. If I were on TV, I'm not sure I'd want everyone that has seen me on TV to talk to me. Sometimes, you just want to sleep on that flight with no cell phone interruptions or annoying little girls asking you about your relationships with past and current presidents. ha!

So that's not all. Last week during the GREATEST SNOW STORM IN ALL OF DALLAS HISTORY, my friends and I decided to do some sledding. Well, genious that I am, put my camera in a pocket not really meant to hold things - really, North Face, a pocket with holes?- and it fell out lost forever! I was so sad! Jon was nice enough about it and ordered me a new one this weekend. Well today, I'm sitting in a conference room in our office and I get an instant message that says "you are never going to believe this" and I'm like "try me". Apparently, right before Jon left for Connecticut (yes, we are both out of the state and yes, we have an alarm. So don't try anything!), a man in a truck pulls up to the door and rings the doorbell. Jon answers and the oh-so-nice man was like, did you lose a camera? And he pulls it out and hands it to Jon in PERFECT condition. How the heck does a camera work after being buried in a couple feet of snow?!? Turns out the man turned the camera on and I had taken pictures of our house with all the snow and if you zoomed in, you could see our street numbers. And I took a picture looking out to across the street and he zoomed in and saw the cross streets. That's a good samaritan if I've ever heard of one.

Well, I'm off to run and watch the Bachelor. As I much as I love, he's really ruined the suspense for me. I know, I know, I could choose not to read. But I've never been know for my patience.

Until next time, stay warm, stay dry and check those pockets for holeS!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'm in love!

Earlier today, I met my best friend Chelsea at the Galleria for a little lunch shopping. She needed to find some dress shoes for a wedding this weekend. While at Macy's, the sales man helping Chelsea asked me my shoe size and brought out these (without me asking). Needless to say, I'm in love! And just in time for Valentine's Day too!

With 6 weddings planned already for 2010, I bet you I can find a lot of places to wear these. Being 5'2", I am drawn to any shoe that makes me 5'6". What do ya'll think?

I need help picking new return address labels. I'm out and I need some cute ones just for me! I have a PSI Essentials stamp with our monogram on it, but I also love a good label. Let me know which one you like best.
PS, the stamp has our family name on it, so these will be just for me. Good and girly!

Option One:

Option Two:
Option Three:

Option Four:

Option Five:

Option Six:

Which one do you like best?

And because blogs without pictures are boring, here are some of my nieces in outfits from their aunt Molly!

Makenna and Jordyn sporting their Longhorn gear. Here's crossing my fingers they are TriDeltas at Texas one day!

Julianne and Kristin in their pillowcase dresses from Etsy. This picture was taken at about 10pm one night and they didn't want to cooperate, but it's still a great picture of them. They are best friends and it's really adorable. Reminds me of Jacqueline and me when we were little.

Monday, February 8, 2010

My Return to Blogging

Hello, blog world! After a long year of repeatedly remind myself that "I should blog about that" and never actually getting around to it, I'm finally jumping back on the bandwagon! I may not have anything super exciting to blog about such as wedding planning or kids, but I do lead a somewhat entertaining life at times and who doesn't love another blog to stalk? Right, ladies? And thanks to Meredith, I have a great new blog design. Somehow when she designed this, she read my mind, except that it's about 10 times better than I could have imagined.

So what's been going on with me, you ask (or maybe you weren't asking, but I'll tell you anyway!). For starters, I quit my much-loved job as an event planner/sales coordinator/company go-to girl to become the VP, Marketing for Insight Diligence Services in CA. The guys who own Insight also own a law firm, so I spend quite a bit of time doing investigative research. It's fun & I get to work from home, in my lounge pants. I thought I'd be lonely, but I get so much done! Plus, lunchtime trips to the Galleria just became that much easier.

4 of the sweetest and most adorable little girls, my nieces, are still doing their best to keep me entertained! Julianne turned 4 in November and Kristin turns 4 in March. Makenna will be 1 in May and then Jordyn, the youngest, turns 1 in July. Their mommas have their hands full. I love getting to see them and play with them and I cherish my role as favorite aunt (don't tell the others! ha!). I spend countless hours shopping for them; I really don't think Jon's going to know what hit him when we have children. I'm fairly certain that with a family full of spunky, sweet little girls, I might be the one that God blesses with boys, and that's ok by me!

Jon is still traveling every week, which is nothing new, but it's certainly not fun to live in a house by yourself. Thank goodness for a safe neighborhood, helpful neighbors and an alarm system. Our sweet neighbors have lived in their house since 1972, and have mowed our lawn on more than one occasion when Jon's been out of the state for weeks on end.

If you're ever in Dallas, please stop by and say hi. I love having visitors, and when it gets warmer, we have a wonderful backyard oasis where you can lounge in the pool as long as you'd like. I'll even make you drinks!

So, in an effort to not abandon you all again, add me to your blog list and keep me accountable for posting. I do take time each morning to check my blog list and read err stalk each one of you, so I feel like maybe it's my turn to give back.

And if you're in the Dallas area (or on the east coast), stay warm and dry!

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